Whilst researching the breed most suitable for our family and lifestyle, that also had the qualities needed for competition in different kinds of dog sports, we found the German Coolie. We fell in love with these dogs without even have been able to meet one in person. I did most of the research and would sit down almost every night and discuss what I found with my husband.

Their friendly disposition, sharp intelligence, stamina, the drive they posses for work, the loyalty they show to their people, and also their stunning appearances, makes these guys a INCOMPARABLE companion for those looking for a performance dog. A lot of demands fall upon the performance dog, performance obviously but also sociability, due to the numerous travels and people they will meet and interact with not only with people but also other animals.

German Coolies socialise with ease, and with proper socialisation as puppies they love and interact freely and comfortably with others. Their ability to learn is amazing, show them something only a few times and they will gladly perform for you, eager to please and be challenged.

They enjoy a challenge and excel at surpassing obstacles and recover rapidly from failure to try again. All of our dogs have different personalities but all possess these qualities, it is a pleasure and a privilege to share our lives with them every day. Our dogs share not only our homes but also our hearts, as they have found their place here with us as one of the family, or should I say as 9 of the family. :)

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